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Hive is the fastest way to meet new people in and around your area and not just that but it’s FREE. Hive matches couples based on their physical attraction to each other. It alerts you to other Hive users who fall within a specified age group and gender and are within a certain distance of your location. You decide whether or not you like the person. we are working hard on the best tools to connect individuals.

What sets us apart is our ability to help our members make quality connections. We feature robust profiles and personalization features to help our users connect with other likeminded users. Plus, our suite of powerful communication tools help members meet more people and make deeper connections.

We are new on the the scene and online dating is still strange to us and a very new world for those searching for that special someone.

Now that meeting on a dating app is the new normal, we’re still finding ways for people to go on dates and make deeper connections.

We’re proud to help start new relationships every day between singles.

We believe there is someone for everyone and we encourage integrity, kindness, equality, confidence, and respect during all stages of any relationship offline or online.

Join the Hive

Hive is a simple app to use. Download the app on google play, log in with your email or Facebook (no we don’t share your stuff to your Facebook), type you name, select your gender and age, and add a photo of yourself (you also have the option of adding more photos). When Hive finds people who match those criteria it shows a large photo of the person; tap this to see a short description and whatever other information they’ve written about themselves.